Nanovation podcast aims to broadcast small science to a big audience

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One only needs to look at the enormous popularity of the Twitter feeds of scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye to know that gone are the days in which science communication was confined to the pages of peer reviewed journals and the lecterns of academic conferences.  Blogs allow researchers to disseminate their interests, discoveries, and musing on a specific topic or field. Discussions no longer need be limited to writing, as audio recordings in the form of podcasts are easy to produce and access. Moreover, social media enables anyone to ask questions or offer their insights in return.

These new methods of communication, which can reach anyone in the world, effectively for free, spurred Dr. Michael Filler to launch the Nanovation podcast.

Although the term nanotechnology refers to the science of the small, matter at the nanometer scale, the research has broad applications across scientific and technological boundaries. Solar cells, batteries, anti-cancer drugs, smart textiles, cosmetics, concrete, and household paints are just a few of the varied products that are currently using, or may soon use, nanotechnology. According to Dr. Filler, “…the technologies that emerge from our capability to manipulate matter at ultra small scales will profoundly change everyday life. Nanotechnology is a more precise way of doing everything — making things, assembling things, measuring things, sorting things, etc. From construction and energy to health and information technology, few industries will be immune to its influence.”

The Nanovation podcast is a forum to address the big questions, challenges, and opportunities of nanotechnology. By bridging the gap between what’s happening in research labs and commercial technology development, the podcast ultimately aims to understand where the nanotechnology road leads and how it will impact society. The podcast is conversational in format and aimed at a general, yet technically-savvy audience.

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