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The Impact of Radiation Damage on the Mechanical and Structural Properties of Single and Polycrystalline High Entropy Alloys Event Laurie Haigh 2022-10-13
Materials Research for Innovation Across Disciplines, the Focus of the 2022 Brumley D. Pritchett Lecture and Symposium on Materials Innovation News Christa Ernst 2022-05-18
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IMat Virtual Town Hall Event Christa Ernst 2021-02-24
Georgia Tech Names Eric Vogel Executive Director of Institute for Materials News John Toon 2021-01-11
Taghinejad Awarded SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship News Jackie Nemeth 2020-06-11
Nano@Tech Virtual:DNA Mechanotechnology: Repurposing Nucleic Acids as Force Sensors, Actuators, and Motors Event Christa Ernst 2020-06-09
Nano@Tech Virtual: Skin-Interfaced Wearable Sweat Biosensors Event Christa Ernst 2020-06-09
Nano@Tech Virtual:Engineering Human Stem Cells for Treating Cardiac Diseases Event Christa Ernst 2020-06-09
Hack the Crisis: Georgia Tech works to scale production of needed medical supplies External News kpietkiewicz3 2020-04-13
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