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Overview of the Mercury system

What is Mercury?

Mercury provides a single online place to create and edit content, which can then be shared across many Georgia Tech websites.

Main types of content

Although there are a number of types of information within Mercury, the bulk (over 80%) of the content is classified as either:

How to share content

Groups give people the ability to create, edit and delete shared content. Groups are also where you make Feeds, or lists, of that content to share with other websites.

How to show Mercury content on your website

  • The Reader module: a plugin, supported by our office, that will show your News and Events on a Drupal-based website in a few simple formats.
  • Customization: creating your own, non-centrally-supported systems to display local copies of Mercury content on your site. (This approach is only a good idea for sites who have both advanced display needs and dedicated support from their own web developer or web contractor.)

Secondary types of content

In addition to news, events and images, the Reader module also provides a basic level of support for videos and external news. The remaining types of content (boilerplate, feature, and profile) receive much less focus and are not supported in the Reader module.