Military Technology

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GTRI Develops Machine Learning Operations Platform to Streamline Data Management for the DoD News Michelle Gowdy
GTRI, Georgia Tech Use Quantum Computing to Optimize CFD Applications News Michelle Gowdy
ARCM Facilitates Update of Radio Control System for Army’s UH-60M News Michelle Gowdy
Ranges of the Future Will Enhance Joint Warfighter Training and Readiness News Michelle Gowdy
Georgia Tech Experts Shed Light on Israel-Hamas War News sgagliano3
New Battlefield Obscurants Could Give Warfighters a Visability Advantage News Michelle Gowdy
GTRI’s DART Program Supports DoD Research Opportunities for HBCUs News Michelle Gowdy
Advanced Radar Threat System Helps Aircrews Train to Evade Enemy Missiles News Michelle Gowdy
Bridging Military Expertise with Research: GTRI’s Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship News Michelle Gowdy
TRIAD Streamlines Edge Processing of Data in Phased-Array Antennas News Michelle Gowdy
Phoenix Challenge: Collaborating to Improve the Information Environment News Michelle Gowdy
Georgia Tech Researchers Receive $11.6 Million from the Department of Energy to Establish the Transuranic Chemistry Center of Excellence News adavidson38
GTRI SST: Reimagining Defense Logistics and Innovation News Michelle Gowdy
AIECS Integrates Threat Information to Help Protect Air Mobility Crews News Michelle Gowdy
GTRI’s Professional Education Program Provides Real-World Training to Current, Future Leaders News Michelle Gowdy