Military Technology

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GTRI’s DART Program Supports DoD Research Opportunities for HBCUs News Michelle Gowdy 2023-09-26
Advanced Radar Threat System Helps Aircrews Train to Evade Enemy Missiles News Michelle Gowdy 2023-09-20
Bridging Military Expertise with Research: GTRI’s Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship News Michelle Gowdy 2023-09-18
TRIAD Streamlines Edge Processing of Data in Phased-Array Antennas News Michelle Gowdy 2023-09-15
Phoenix Challenge: Collaborating to Improve the Information Environment News Michelle Gowdy 2023-08-21
Georgia Tech Researchers Receive $11.6 Million from the Department of Energy to Establish the Transuranic Chemistry Center of Excellence News adavidson38 2023-07-31
GTRI SST: Reimagining Defense Logistics and Innovation News Michelle Gowdy 2023-07-24
AIECS Integrates Threat Information to Help Protect Air Mobility Crews News Michelle Gowdy 2023-07-24
GTRI’s Professional Education Program Provides Real-World Training to Current, Future Leaders News Michelle Gowdy 2023-07-24
GTRI Uses Haptic Technology to Enhance VR Military Training News Michelle Gowdy 2023-07-17
Georgia Tech Researchers to Lead Pioneering Space Wargaming Series News Siobhan Rodriguez 2023-06-26
GTRI Uses Haptic Technology to Enhance VR Military Training News Michelle Gowdy 2023-06-26
GTRI Researchers Support Execution of Multinational Training Exercise in Alaska News Michelle Gowdy 2023-06-13
Hybrid Ceramic-Polymer Batteries Offer Safety, High-Performance Potential News Michelle Gowdy 2023-05-31
Research Teams Awarded $15M to Design Materials Inspired by Deep Sea Fish and to Explore Attention Control News jhunt7 2023-04-14