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Georgia AIM Partnership in South Georgia Focuses on Building K-12 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Educational Opportunities News James-Addis Hill 2023-09-08
Dean Search Begins for College of Computing News sgagliano3 2023-08-29
Celebrating Excellence in Teaching at Georgia Tech-Europe: GTE Faculty Make the Spring 2023 CIOS Honor Roll News Andrea Gappell 2023-08-18
‘Not Afraid to Try Something New.’ Papers Explore Impact of Teaching and Student Life At-Scale News Ben Snedeker 2023-08-18
GTRI’s Professional Education Program Provides Real-World Training to Current, Future Leaders News Michelle Gowdy 2023-07-24
Tentzeris Named Distinguished Lecturer by Electronic Packaging Society News dwatson71 2023-07-14
Metz’ La Semaine Magazine Speaks with Abdallah Ougazzaden News Andrea Gappell 2023-07-11
Meliopoulos Honored for Contributions to Power Systems Education News dwatson71 2023-07-06
AI-ALOE leader talks power of AI in education during Harvard podcast News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
Ashok Goel to speak at ASU+GSV Summit News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
Adrienne Baldwin Wins 2023 Rick Perkins Award for Technical Instruction Excellence News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
Keynote Speaker Ashok Goel Explores AI’s Impact on Education at Duke’s Emerging Pedagogies Symposium News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
Georgia Tech’s Teachable AI Lab Advances to the Discovery Round of VITAL Prize Challenge with Innovative “Apprentice Tutors” Concept for Personalized and Inclusive AI Tutors News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
AI-ALOE featured in 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report for Teaching and Learning News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
AI-ALOE Receives Global Recognition from 1EdTech Consortium News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03