The IEN Welcomes the 2016 SENIC Undergraduate Interns

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The IEN will be hosting 6 undergraduate students as research interns this summer as part of the South Eastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor’s (SENIC) 2016 Undergraduate Internship in Nanotechnology (SUIN) program. The visiting undergraduate scholars will be hosted by various IEN affiliated faculty across campus for a 9 week period, from May the 22nd until July the 29th, and will gain experience in laboratory research under the guidance of a faculty project director, as well a graduate student mentor. Additionally, the undergraduate researchers will have an opportunity to train on advanced fabrication and measurement equipment in the IEN cleanrooms and microscopy facilities.

The hosted students, their paired PIs, and research topics may be found below:

Thomas Metke, Vanderbilt – Host PI: Todd Sulchek - Research Topic: High throughput cell separation with microfluidic devices

Cooper Thome, University of Tennessee – Host PI: Elsa Reichmanis - Research Topic: Cellulose Nanocrystal Liquid Crystal Templating of Conductive PEDOT:PSS

Michael Vander Zwaag, University of Michigan – Host PI: Kim Kurtis - Research Topic: Making "Greener" Concrete Using Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

John Nance, University of North Carolina – Host PI: Peter Hesketh - Research Topic: Characterization of NiFe Artificial Cilia

Elizabeth Tom, University of Michigan – Host PI: Michael Filler - Research Topic: Plasmonic-Phononic Hybrid Nanowires: New Materials for Extreme Infrared Light Focusing

Yaneira Gonzalez, University of Puerto Rico – Host PI: Todd Sulchek - Research Topic: Effects of Metal Presence on the Structure, Reactivity and Transformation of Magnesium Oxides

After the conclusion of the program, the students will present talks and posters on their research and attend a joint, one day convocation on July 28th, along with the College of Engineering’s SURE REU program.

Please join us in welcoming the attendees to Georgia Tech as we host them over the 2016 summer session.       

- Christa M. Ernst    



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