Student Research

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Daan Rutten, Finalist for Nicholson Student Paper Competition News nesparza7 2023-09-20
Students Earn Prestigious Fellowships Underscoring Institute’s Leadership in AI News Ben Snedeker 2023-08-01
Hot Outside, Cool Inside 2023 Research Experience for Undergraduates Labs News Renay San Miguel 2023-07-28
Robustness: Making Progress by Poking Holes in Artificial Intelligence Models News Ben Snedeker 2023-07-07
Dataset of Committee's Public Comms Yields New Insights into Federal Reserve's Influence News Ben Snedeker 2023-07-07
Adam Coscia Presents Visualizations for Interpreting Large Language Models at GVU Center Research Showcase News pnketsiah3 2023-07-03
Physics Major Nadia Qutob Receives Goldwater Scholarship News jhunt7 2023-06-26
New PEO Scholar Continues Quest to Build Assistive, Customizable Robots News Ben Snedeker 2023-06-20
Award-winning Computer Models Propel Research in Cellular Differentiation News Bryant Wine 2023-06-16
Serve-Learn-Sustain to Launch New Center News Brent Verrill 2023-06-12
New Georgia Tech Environmental Science Degree Launches News Renay San Miguel 2023-06-09
Georgia Tech and University of Kansas Student Team Wins IP Security Competition News dwatson71 2023-06-09
Neuroscience, Mental Health, and Motherhood News adavidson38 2023-06-02
Breakthrough Scaling Approach Cuts Cost, Improves Accuracy of Training DNN Models News Ben Snedeker 2023-06-01
Researchers Use Novel Approach to Teach Robot to Navigate Over Obstacles News Ben Snedeker 2023-05-18