At the Intersection of Science and Art: Celebrating the Unseen with the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) Characterization Group’s Monthly Image Contest

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The IEN’s home base in the Marcus Nanotechnology building is an enormous space full of airy galleries and brightly lit and spacious cleanrooms; however, much of the work going on in these cavernous spaces cannot be seen by the naked eye. Every day beautifully engineered structures are created by faculty, staff and student researchers that are never seen outside the labs. When these miniscule landscape are reproduced for distribution, it is often in a scientific paper that pairs the image with numerical charts and statistical data. Although the data is relevant to the image, and in fact may be the only reason the image was produced in the first place, often the pairing downplays the inherent artistic merit of the image to emphasize the its scientific significance.

In order to showcase and celebrate the beautiful, strange and incredibly small work occurring in the IEN cleanrooms and labs, the IEN Characterization Group will be holding a monthly image contest open to all IEN facility users. The submitted work will be used to promote IEN users’ research and IEN capabilities to potential users, on campus and beyond. Three monthly winners of the contest will receive 5 free hours on the characterization tool of their choosing, and the monthly winners will be entered into a semi-annual Grand Prize selection for cash prizes of $60 for First Prize and $30 for each of the 2 Second Prize winners.

If you would like a chance to see you small image get big representation, check out the full contest details below or, for further questions contact Walter Henderson at <ahref="">walter.henderson@ien.gatech.eduor Jie Xu at

Image Contest Submission Dates
 Open May 1st – May 27th and the 1st –the 27th of each month thereafter. Monthly winners will be notified by email.  Grand prize winners will be announced at the IEN user meeting on June 26th, and again just before the winter break in December.

Contest Rules

  • Images must be taken on an IEN tool
  • Images should not be previously published
  • Photographer must provide details with image such as the tool, sample type, PI etc.
  • Photo-enhancement is allowed, (e.g., coloration, added artistic touches, etc.) but the original image details should not be altered.
  • Up to 4 entries per user per month

Submit images as a .bmp file to



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