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Using Summer to get a Firm Grip on Research News Christa Ernst 2023-09-14
Georgia Tech Best Place to Be With Robotics Boom on Horizon, Says New Faculty Member News Ben Snedeker 2023-09-01
Celebrating Excellence in Teaching at Georgia Tech-Europe: GTE Faculty Make the Spring 2023 CIOS Honor Roll News Andrea Gappell 2023-08-18
Novel Policy Allows Robots to Perform Interactive Tasks in Sequential Order News Ben Snedeker 2023-08-18
The Georgia Tech School of Physics hosted the 2023 iPoLS meeting, August 1-4 2023. News Shaun Ashley 2023-08-16
New PEO Scholar Continues Quest to Build Assistive, Customizable Robots News Ben Snedeker 2023-06-20
Back-to-Back Drone Racing Titles Further RotorJackets Goal of Expansion News sgagliano3 2023-05-05
Like Humans and Animals, AI Agents Find Their Way Through Memory News Ben Snedeker 2023-05-02
Tennis Robot Could Pave Way for Advancement in Fast-Movement Robotics News Ben Snedeker 2023-04-13
Georgia Tech’s CEISMC at Center of $65 Million Federally Funded Statewide Initiative Combining AI and Manufacturing Innovations News jwalls37 2023-04-03
New Algorithm Perseveres in Search for Data Anomalies on Mars News Bryant Wine 2023-03-30
CEISMC researcher named 2022 Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science News jwalls37 2023-01-30
Georgia Tech Receives More Than $4.7 Million in Direct Funding from Congress News pdevarajan3 2023-01-26
ECE Research Group & Lab Spotlight: OLIVES News dwatson71 2022-12-08
GTRI's SEEDLab Ground Zero for Lunar Flashlight Project News Michelle Gowdy 2022-11-10