Sun Receives SRC TECHCON Best Student Presenter Award

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Xiaoyu Sun received a Best Student Presenter Award at the SRC TECHCON 2019, the annual flagship technical conference hosted by Semiconductor Research Corporation. The event was held September 8-10, 2019 in Austin, Texas.

Sun is a Ph.D. student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Georgia Tech, where he is a member of the Laboratory for Emerging Devices and Circuits, directed by ECE Associate Professor Shimeng Yu. Sun received the award for his presentation entitled "XNOR-RRAM Prototype Chip: In-memory Computing for Binary Deep Neural Networks". The project is in collaboration with Professor Jae-sun Seo's group from Arizona State University and funded in part by the Applications and Systems-Driven Center for Energy-Efficient Integrated NanoTechnologies (ASCENT) and the Center for Brain-inspired Computing (C-BRIC) under the SRC Joint University Microelectronics Program (JUMP).

The objective of this project is to demonstrate in-memory computing in a monolithically integrated Complimentary-Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) and Non-volatile Memory (NVM) array for deep learning acceleration, which could potentially serve as an AI hardware solution with better energy-efficiency and less chip area.

The mission of JUMP is to look beyond today’s technology horizon and lay the scientific groundwork that extends the viability of Moore’s Law economics through 2040. Research commenced on January 2018 and will continue for five years, with funding support coming from industry and government partners. Total JUMP funding will be in excess of $150 million over the five-year period.


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