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Bruce A. Roth, author of No Time To Kill and founder of Daisy Alliance, will award cash prizes to students who submit the best original papers.

1st prize is $1,000; 2nd is $500; 3rd is $250; and 4th is $100.

The US and Russia together have about 24,000 nuclear weapons, yet China finds security with a mere 400 weapons. There is a growing debate today that the US and Russia should make deep cuts in their nuclear forces, with the ultimate global goal of zero nuclear weapons. For this essay, please discuss reconciling the requirements for minimum deterrence with the practical steps towards deep nuclear arms reductions, if not elimination.

Students should address the following issues:

1) How might stability and deterrence of threats to the US and Russia be affected by reductions in the size, structure/posture, and readiness of their own nuclear forces?

2) What are the tradeoffs at different force levels between maintaining an offensive capability and reaping strategic, political, and economic benefits of nuclear reductions?

3) Can


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