The School of Materials Science and Engineering

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Makerspace Microfabrication Technologies: Towards the Fabrication of Biological Microdevices Event Christa Ernst
Practical Surface Characterization of Materials: An Interactive Short Course on XPS, UPS and SIMS: Principles, Practice, Instrumentation and Hands-on Data Analysis Event Christa Ernst
Georgia Tech and NextFlex Team-Up to Make the Internet-of-Things More Flexible & Power Efficient News Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Inverse Microstructure and Processing Design and Homogenization Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Negative Capacitance Technology for Ultra-low Power Computing Event Christa Ernst
Atom Probe Tomography: Applications and Techniques Event Christa Ernst
SENIC Webinar Series: Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT - Submicron Resolution 3D Printing Event Christa Ernst
Fall 2017 IEN Soft Lithography for Microfluidics Short Course Event Christa Ernst
Materials Characterization Short Course: Surface Science Techniques – Focus on Photoelectron Spectroscopy and ToF-SIMS Event Christa Ernst
MCF Lecture Series on New Techniques in Nanoscale Materials Analysis - Chemical Mapping at the Nanoscale by Photo-induced Force Microscopy Event Christa Ernst
Spring 2017 IEN Soft Lithography for Microfluidics Short Course Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: The Iterative Process of Scientific Exploration: Effects of Electrical Current in Nanomagnetic Systems Event Christa Ernst
2016-2017 Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) Seed Grant Program - Information and Request for Applications News Christa Ernst
IEN Technical Seminar Series: Advances in Parylene Technology for Improving Reliability for Innovative Technology Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Self-Assembled Networks of Biological Membranes Event Christa Ernst