MCF Lecture Series on New Techniques in Nanoscale Materials Analysis - Chemical Mapping at the Nanoscale by Photo-induced Force Microscopy

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Sung Park – CEO, Molecular Vista, Inc. – San Jose, CA

Several recently developed techniques based on a combination of infrared (IR) spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy (AFM) have demonstrated the ability to perform chemical mapping far below the diffraction limit of light.  These include scanning scattering near-field optical microscopy (sSNOM) [1], photothermal induced resonance (PTIR) [2], and the subject of this paper, Photo-induced Force Microscopy (PiFM) [3, 4].  These techniques are complementary and are based on physically distinct sensing mechanisms.  While sSNOM relies on collection of scattered light, PTIR and PiFM exploit mechanical detection of IR absorption in the sample.  PTIR detects cantilever vibrations arising from rapid thermal expansion of the sample in response to absorption of pulsed IR light. Although PiFM also detects cantilever vibrations in response to pulsed IR, the experimental setup and behavior of the system show clear differences between PiFM and PTIR, which indicates that the thermal expansion is not the dominant mechanism behind PiFM.

Dr. Park received a BS in Physics from Pomona College, a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford, and was a post-doc at IBM’s Watson Research Center.  He has a long and distinguished 25-year history in R&D, engineering, marketing, and sales developing scanning probe microscopy techniques, most notably as the co-founder of Park Scientific Instruments one of the earliest commercially-available AFM systems.

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