IEN Technical Seminar Series: Advances in Parylene Technology for Improving Reliability for Innovative Technology

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IEN Technical Seminar Series: Advances in Parylene Technology for Improving Reliability for Innovative Technology
Dr. Rakesh Kumar

The role of polymers in the electronics and medical arenas, particularly in miniaturized devices and electronic components, continues to grow rapidly. As the number of medical devices and electronics are growing to enhance human life, the challenges to make them safe, effective, and to find protection solutions for components are also increasing. For a number of years, conformal coatings have offered a level of protection to components, but many simply do not offer the level that is required for today and tomorrow's complex technologies.

This presentation will provide an overview of recent advances in Parylene technologies, including microRESIST® Antimicrobial Parylene Technology, and will discuss how currently available Parylenes differentiate themselves from other available conformal coating and polymeric materials. This presentation will address the latest advances in adhesion technologies and Parylene's role in nano- and micro- technologies. Examples of applications that have benefited from the properties of Parylene include circuit card assemblies, MEMS, LEDs, sensors, lab-on- a-chip devices, pacemakers, stents, electrosurgical tools, cochlear implants, neurostimulation devices and elastomers.

As applications and materials continue to evolve, Parylenes, used as conformal coatings as well as structural materials, enhance the performance and reliability of critical components and devices.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Rakesh Kumar is currently the Vice President of Technology for Specialty Coating Systems, Inc., overseeing Parylene R&D activities worldwide. With more than 27 years of extensive experience in polymeric materials, Dr. Kumar is currently involved with the application of Parylenes in the fields of medical devices, electronics, MEMS, sensors and nanotechnology. Dr. Kumar earned his doctoral degrees in Chemistry from India, and completed his post-doctorate work at the University College London, United Kingdom. He is co-author of a book and has authored several published papers and patents.


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