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NanoFANS Webinar Series Fall 2021 | Session 4 - Towards the High-throughput Screening of Brain Organoids on Chip Event Christa Ernst
SENIC Ambassadors Webinar Series: Biomimetic Understanding to Fabrication of Artificial Basilar Membrane, Blood-Brain Barrier Microchip, and SAW devices Event Christa Ernst
Makerspace Microfabrication Technologies: Towards the Fabrication of Biological Microdevices Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: Microfluidic Circuits and Biomedical Applications Event Christa Ernst
Fatih Sarioglu Receives Beckman Young Investigator Award News Jackie Nemeth
Nano@Tech: Digitally Coded Microfluidic Devices Event Christa Ernst
IEN Technical Seminar Series: Advances in Parylene Technology for Improving Reliability for Innovative Technology Event Christa Ernst
Nano@Tech: A Multimodality CMOS Cellular Interfacing Array for Holistic Cellular Characterizations and Cell-based Drug Screening Event Christa Ernst
Nanophotonics “Lab-on-a-chip” Biosensors for Portable Diagnostics Event Christa Ernst
IEN Hosts Session on Nanotechnology at the Prestigious American Association for Clinical Chemistry (2015 AACC) Annual Meeting News Christa Ernst
Smart Hydrogel Coating Creates “Stick-slip” Control of Capillary Action News John Toon
Professor Hang Lu named AIMBE Fellow News Christa Ernst
New Microspectrometer Design Achieves High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth News Abby Vogel Robinson
Automated Microfluidic Device Reduces Time to Screen Small Organisms News Abby Vogel Robinson