Ph.D. Dissertation Defense - Joe Gonzalez

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    • Tuesday March 23, 2021
      11:30 am - 1:30 pm
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Summary Sentence: Heterogeneous Integration of Chiplets Using Socketed Platforms, Off-Chip Flexible Interconnects, and Self-Alignment Technologies

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TitleHeterogeneous Integration of Chiplets Using Socketed Platforms, Off-Chip Flexible Interconnects, and Self-Alignment Technologies


Dr. Muhannad Bakir, ECE, Chair , Advisor

Dr. Oliver Brand, ECE

Dr. Hua Wang, ECE

Dr. Adilson Cardoso, GTRI

Dr. Suresh Sitaraman, ME

Abstract: The heterogeneous integration of chiplets addresses many of the technical and logistical challenges associated with SoCs to meet the ever-increasing demands from a variety of emerging markets including IoT and mm-wave 5G. These integrated systems are conventionally permanently integrated/interconnected in a fixed configuration via either microbumps or other advanced off-chip interconnect technologies. However, some applications require the heterogeneity and fine-pitch provided by these multi-chiplet polylithic systems while also requiring a non-permanent or replaceable setup to meet a variety of needs or to enable a variety of applications: reworkability, testing, prototyping, upgradeability, etc. Furthermore, as systems integrate a growing number of chiplets, package/system yield can suffer considerably when in a permanent configuration; a replaceable setup can directly address this problem. To address the aforementioned challenges, this research presents novel, replaceable heterogeneously integrated systems using socketed platforms for different targeted applications. In general, such a system requires two enabling technologies: 1) a non-permanent off-chip interconnection system and 2) a non-permanent alignment technology. Hence, this research also introduces the design, fabrication, and characterization of off-chip flexible interconnects and mechanically-based self-alignment technologies.

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