Breznitz interviewed on "The Fairness Doctrine"

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Dan Breznitz was interviewed on the The Fairness Doctrine on Monday, 24 January 2011. Co-hosts Chuck Morse and Patrick O’Heffernan spoke with him about US-China competitiveness.

**Listen to the Radio Interview Audio.

"The Fairness Doctrine - Left Right and Uncensored" conduct national online and on-air conversations every day from all points of view and appreciate all contributions to it.

A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio, The Fairness Doctrine with Chuck Morse and Patrick O'Heffernan is left-Right Radio for the Radical Center. It brings together two dynamic hosts from different sides of the country and the political spectrum who have very different points of view but an unswerving dedication to respect for facts and the opinions of others. Patrick and Chuck may not always agree, but they are always fair, always informative and always entertaining.


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