Curiosity Meets Discovery in Season 3 of College of Sciences Podcast

Daydreaming, climate science, search for alien life included in new ScienceMatters episodes


Renay San Miguel
Communications Officer/Podcast Host and Producer
Georgia Tech College of Sciences


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Season 3 of the College of Sciences podcast ScienceMatters launches with new stories of curiosity and discovery.

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Season 3 of the College of Sciences podcast ScienceMatters debuts with a look at the neuroscience behind daydreaming and suspenseful movies. Other subjects in the 10-episode season include the latest research on climate science, the search for extraterrestrial life, and what microbiology teaches us about the early Earth.


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Where do our thoughts go when we daydream? What does a wandering mind tell us about how we learn? And how does the way we react to suspenseful movies improve our ability to pay attention?

Those are some of the questions that Eric Schumacher, professor in the School of Psychology, attempts to answer with his research into cognitive control, and what it could mean for the future of communications and education. Those studies are the focus of the first episode of Season 3 of ScienceMatters, the official podcast of the Georgia Tech College of Sciences.

Each week for the next 10 weeks, ScienceMatters will highlight the research and discoveries going on in the College of Sciences. The episodes include stories on:

* How microbiology research is giving us not only clues about the early Earth, but what climate change is doing to the environment;

* The concepts under study in the School of Mathematics that could help us reach the outer Solar System's planets and moons faster and cheaper;

* The studies underway to learn how our brains and bodies adapt to serious injuries such as strokes and amputations.

Each episode will also include a quiz that refers to facts mentioned in each podcast. A winner will be chosen randomly from all who submit correct answers. Winners will receive special College of Sciences merchandise such as t-shirts and pens.

The episode 1 quiz question:

A psychological test from the 1930s involving the color of words is used to determine executive function, or the ability to focus and adapt. What is the name of the test?

The winner will be announced in the following week.

Go here to join the episode 1 quiz:

ScienceMatters podcasts are available for subscription at Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.



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