Beyond All Boundaries (2013) @ 2:24 p.m.

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In India—a country divided by language, region and class—cricket is a unifying force. BEYOND ALL BOUNDARIES follows three individuals who have truly dedicated their lives to the sport.

18-year-old Akshaya is an aspiring female cricket player who grew up playing, and therefore breaking windows, in the narrow alleyways of her Mumbai neighborhood. Together with her mother, she lives without electricity, and the two use what little money they have to help Akshaya prepare to try out for the under-19 team.

Sudhir is a devout superfan who, for almost a decade, has bicycled extreme distances across India to attend the national team's matches. Homeless, approaching 30-years-old and scorned by his family, Sudhir follows cricket with an almost religious devotion, painting his entire body orange, white and green and professing he has no plans of settling down because the sport is his true love.

Poised for future stardom, 12-year-old Prithvi is an exceptionally talented player who, at the age of 8, not only made it onto Mumbai's under-14 team but led the team to three championships. After his mother passed away, Prithvi's father quit his job to coach and care for him full time, a decision that has helped and potentially harmed their relationship.

Filmed during India's 2011 fight for the Cricket World Cup, these intimate and riveting stories are also the stories of a nation.

— Chad Jones

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