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An estranged mother and son seek love and reconciliation in the final days of her life in the moving drama Show Me Your Love directed by Malaysian filmmaker Ryon Lee (Seventh). Veteran actress Nina Paw Hee Ching (The Way We Are) was nominated for Best Actress at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards for her role as the dementia-stricken mother while Raymond Wong (PTU) plays the son coming to terms with the impending loss of the absent mother he never understood.


Teacher Daren (Raymond Wong) has lived in Hong Kong since marrying his realtor wife (Ivana Wong). After twenty years away from home, he finally returns to Malaysia to attend his aunt's funeral and reencounters his estranged mother (Nina Paw). After all these years, she is still a gambler and a liar, but also suffering from sundown syndrome. Daren intends to send his mother into a nursing home, but when he learns that her days are numbered, he decides to stay for the final leg of her life. He comes across a list he wrote as a child of the wishes he wanted to fulfill for his mother, and sets out to make the wishes come true.

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