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"Don't let emotions get in the way"—a phrase that young Belgian doctor Jenny Davin (Adele Haenel) practices and lives by. At a pivotal moment in her career, she has a choice between joining a prestigious research team or taking over her retiring superior's small Liege practice for the poor and needy. In the opening scene of the film, Jenny is seen attending to a patient's life-threatening seizure after her younger colleague and intern Julien (Olivier Bonnaud) freezes. After the clinic closes for the day, Jenny chastises Julien for allowing emotions to get in the way of his work. Suddenly, there's incessant buzzing at the door. As Julien tries to admit the person in, Jenny tells him to ignore it because of the late hour. The next day, police visit Jenny's clinic and inform her that a young African girl was found dead nearby in the river. A glance at the clinic CCTV footage reveals the unknown girl to be the person who had buzzed the clinic the night before. Torn with regret and filled with guilt, Jenny decides to play detective and learn more about the identity of the mysterious girl. Armed with a stethoscope, she discovers in her investigation that there's more to patients than their bodies.

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