Engineering Inducts Some of Its Finest

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Over 200 people attended the 2010 College of Engineering Induction Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 19 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center Ballroom. Addressing the guests and honorees were Dean Don Giddens, C. Dean Alford, Chair of the Engineering Advisory Board, and Stephen E. Cross, newly appointed Executive Vice President for Research. Barbara Boyan, Associate Dean for Research was the "master of ceremonies."

Green Theme

The theme of the evening's event was sustainability and it was the first "green" event hosted by the College. Among the honored guests, 13 were inducted into the Council of Outstanding Young Engineers, 18 into the Academy of Distinguished Engineers, three into the Engineering Hall of Fame, and one individual was given an Honorary Engineering Award. The names of these honored recipients are listed below.

Accolades from the Dean

"The College of Engineering places a great deal of emphasis on quality and innovation" said Dean Don Giddens, a past recipient of the Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award in 1994, "and those honored at this event are true role models for future generation of engineers who demonstrate a solid technological Georgia Tech education, a competitive spirit, and drive for excellence."

2010 Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni

Keefe Bohannan, EE '95
Elizabeth Boltz, ME '91
Angela Gill Folsom, BME '07
Eric Gebhardt, AE '90
Sara N. Johnson, TFE '00
Joy Jordan, ChBE '92
Timothy Langlais, ChE '05
Vivek Maddala, BEE '95
Sean McClenaghan, ChE '87
Parika Petaipimol, BME '04
Josh E. Rowen, CE '96
Mary A. Spio, MS EE '99
Bryan M. Swarn, PFE '03

2010 Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni

Michael Burnside, ME '74
Roland G. Caldwell, Jr., EE '88
David A. Dullum, ME ’70
Charles L. Harris, IE ’81
Christopher Hobson, ChE '79
Jay D. Humphrey, ESM ’82, '85
Stephen F. Jensen, CE’81
Susan Deal Kirchoff, CerE '80
Gregory J. Koch, CE ’90, MSCE '92
Robert D. Martin, IE '69
Stephen M. Mitchell, IE ’65, MS IE '67
Ted R. Meinhofer, Text '94
Thomas J. O’Brien, IE ’81
David Phelps, ME '81
Randall E. Poliner, BEE '77
Pedro A. Ray, EE ’82, '83
Gilberto Sarfaty, EES '81
2010 Engineering Alumni Hall of Fame
M. Andrew Clark, CerE '59
William R. T. Oakes, Jr., AE '59
Richard H. Truly, AE '59
2010 Honorary Engineering Award
George (Roy) L. Bowen III


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