MSE student manuscript published by 'Scientific Reports'

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Jason Allen, a MSE PhD student advised by Professors Garmestani and Fujimoto, recently received notification his manuscript, entitled “In situ X-ray nanotomography of metal surfaces during electropolishing," has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports, an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature.

 Allen co-authored the manuscript with Professor Surya Kalidindi in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Drs. Konstantin Kornev and Maryana Nave from Clemson University and Yu-chen Karen Chen-Wiegart and Dr. Jun Wang from Brookhaven National Labs.

This project began in the Materials Informatics class taught by Professor Kalidindi in Fall 2015. This class is a part of the core curriculum in the NSF funded IGERT program FLAMEL. In this project Jason Allen provided the data science expertise for analyzing the large x-ray nanotomography datasets produced by materials domain experts at Clemson University and Brookhaven National Labs. In this project, computational approaches were taken not only to validate a hypothesis proposed by the researchers, but also to find new and interesting features of the data sets.  “Large data sets are a daunting task for many researchers and by utilizing data science methods we can mold the data into a form that is much more manageable,” says Jason.

“It’s quite impressive this was done within one year,” said Dr. Surya Kalidindi, co-PI of FLAMEL. This provides evidence for the high productivity of e-collaborations through MATIN. And it’s just one example. I am looking forward to many more such success stories as we move forward.”

Read the entire article here.

FLAMEL is a doctoral student training program designed to develop innovations in computing, mathematics, material science, and manufacturing in order to accelerate the creation of new high performance materials for applications. The goal is to develop and employ advances in areas such as machine learning algorithms and modeling and simulation for materials applications in an emerging field known as materials informatics. The program was designed to bring together computing researchers, materials scientists, engineers and mathematicians to quantify the microstructures that comprise materials and develop new algorithms and software for their design.

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