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Energy Materials: Driving the Clean Energy Transition News Laurie Haigh
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Smart Solids: Zeb Rocklin Awarded NSF CAREER for Flexible Metamaterials Research News sperrin6
AI/ML Conference Helps School of Physics Launch New Research Initiative News Renay San Miguel
Wenjing Liao Awarded DOE Early Career Award for Model Simplification, Deep Learning News sperrin6
Claire Berger Receives one of France’s Highest Civilian Honors in Science, Scientific Diplomacy News Renay San Miguel
Georgia Tech Researchers Receive $11.6 Million from the Department of Energy to Establish the Transuranic Chemistry Center of Excellence News adavidson38
Chasing Chaos: Alex Blumenthal Awarded CAREER Grant for Research in Chaos, Fluid Dynamics News sperrin6
American Chemical Society Presents 2023 Herty Medal to “Chemist’s Chemist” David Sherrill News Renay San Miguel
New Quantum State Discovered in Trimer-Honeycomb Material News jhunt7
Bringing Understanding to Chaotic Dynamics with Billiards, Flowers, and ... Mushrooms? News Renay San Miguel
At the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics News Catherine Barzler
Going Back to Basics Yields a Printable, Transparent Plastic That’s Highly Conductive News Joshua Stewart