3D Systems Packaging Research Center

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Swaminathan Receives Tummala Award News dwatson71
Swaminathan Named NAI Fellow News dwatson71
Guo Receives Top Paper Award in Electronic Packaging and Systems News dwatson71
Microelectronics Momentum Drives the Nation’s Semiconductor Resurgence News Jackie Nemeth
3D Systems Packageing Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Insulating Materials and Dielectrics: A Key Issue and The Achille’s Heel of Future Electronic & Electrical Engineering Technologies Event Christa Ernst
3D Systems Packaging Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Quantum Computing with Microwaves Event Christa Ernst
Advanced Systems Packaging at Georgia Tech: The Leader in US Academic Research for 3 Decades News Christa Ernst
Bayesian Learning Applied to Semiconductor Packaging News Jackie Nemeth
Bhatti, Swaminathan Receive ISQED ’21 Best Paper Award News Jackie Nemeth
3D Systems Packaging Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2.0 Event Christa Ernst
Sivapurapu Wins Third Place Poster Award at FLEX 2021 News Jackie Nemeth
3D SYSTEMS PACKAGING RESEARCH CENTER DISTINGUISHED LECTURE: Code Domain Approaches to High Dynamic Range for Full Duplex Communication and Spectrum Compression and Linearized RF Silicon Photonics Event Christa Ernst
Swaminathan Appointed as PRC Director News Christa Ernst
Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Seminar: Micro/nano Joining Technologies for Next-gen Heterogeneous Integration - Dr. Vanessa Smet; Packaging Research Center at Georgia Tech Event Christa Ernst
Ali Selected for Intel Best Paper Award at IEEE ECTC News Jackie Nemeth