3D Systems Packaging Research Center

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Swaminathan Receives Tummala Award News dwatson71 2023-08-25
Swaminathan Named NAI Fellow News dwatson71 2022-12-09
Guo Receives Top Paper Award in Electronic Packaging and Systems News dwatson71 2022-11-18
Microelectronics Momentum Drives the Nation’s Semiconductor Resurgence News Jackie Nemeth 2021-12-20
3D Systems Packageing Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Insulating Materials and Dielectrics: A Key Issue and The Achille’s Heel of Future Electronic & Electrical Engineering Technologies Event Christa Ernst 2021-09-03
3D Systems Packaging Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Quantum Computing with Microwaves Event Christa Ernst 2021-06-16
Advanced Systems Packaging at Georgia Tech: The Leader in US Academic Research for 3 Decades News Christa Ernst 2021-05-14
Bayesian Learning Applied to Semiconductor Packaging News Jackie Nemeth 2021-04-26
Bhatti, Swaminathan Receive ISQED ’21 Best Paper Award News Jackie Nemeth 2021-04-10
3D Systems Packaging Research Center Distinguished Lecture | Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2.0 Event Christa Ernst 2021-03-04
Sivapurapu Wins Third Place Poster Award at FLEX 2021 News Jackie Nemeth 2021-03-03
3D SYSTEMS PACKAGING RESEARCH CENTER DISTINGUISHED LECTURE: Code Domain Approaches to High Dynamic Range for Full Duplex Communication and Spectrum Compression and Linearized RF Silicon Photonics Event Christa Ernst 2020-02-04
Swaminathan Appointed as PRC Director News Christa Ernst 2019-03-18
Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Seminar: Micro/nano Joining Technologies for Next-gen Heterogeneous Integration - Dr. Vanessa Smet; Packaging Research Center at Georgia Tech Event Christa Ernst 2019-03-11
Ali Selected for Intel Best Paper Award at IEEE ECTC News Jackie Nemeth 2019-01-08