Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit 2011

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The GTISC Cyber Security Summit 2011 will discuss "Evolving Nature of Cyber Security Threats".

*Download the Emerging Cyber Threats Report 2012 from this event. Additional materials (video, etc.) available on this website.

In the past year, we have seen a dramatic increase in the sophistication and reach of cyber security threats. Cyber attacks not only steal and abuse online data at an unprecedented scale, they can also have serious consequences for physical systems that are critical for our well being. As we increasingly rely on information from online sources and social media, we also face denial of information attacks that target our ability to access relevant and quality information. This year’s summit will bring together cyber security leaders with diverse expertise to explore the evolving nature of cyber security threats and the challenges we must address to secure cyberspace.

Admiral William J. Fallon, United States Navy (Retired)

Tony Spinelli, Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer
Equifax, Inc.

o Dmitri Alperovitch, Independent Security Researcher
o Gustavo De Los Reyes, Executive Director of Technology Security, AT&T
o Daniel Schutzer, Chief Technology Officer, The Financial Services Roundtable
o Rob Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Mobile Active Defense
o Owen Tripp, Chief Operating Officer, Reputation.com
o George A. (Fred) Wright, Associate Laboratory Director, Chief of Engineer, Cyber Technology and Security Laboratory, GTRI


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