CD4 announces 2011-2012 GAANN Fellows

Fellows to continue with research in drug design, development and delivery


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CD4 announces 2011-2012 GAANN Fellows

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The Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery (CD4) announces its 2011-2012 GAANN Fellowship recipients.

The funds for the GAANN fellowship program are made available through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program. Selected recipients must be candidates pursuing a PhD in drug design, development of drugs or genes and delivery of drugs or genes with a demonstrated interest and direct activity in pharmaceutical research, as evidenced by prior and planned activities in the field. These focus areas are intended to broadly encompass topics relevant to pharmaceutical research. The GAANN program is open to eligible graduate students from all departments.

Mark Prausnitz, PhD, Director of CD4, is the principle investigator of the program.

The 2011-2012 GAANN fellows:
Kai Chang – ChBE – Lakeshia Taite, Advisor
Kimberly Clarke – Chem – Andrew Lyon, Advisor
Ngoze Didi Eze – MSE – Valeria Milam, Advisor
Berkley Gryder – Chem – Yomi Oyelere, Advisor
James Kratzer – Chem – Eric Gaucher, Advisor
Matt Mistilis – ChBE – Mark Prausnitz, Advisor
Lien Phun – Chem – Stefan France, Advisor
Christopher Quinto – BME – Gang Bao, Advisor
Kevin Rodriguez – ChBE – Michelle Dawson, Advisor
Jonathan Rubin – ChBE – Andy Bommarius & Yury Chernoff, Advisors
Patrick Ruff – Biology – Francesca Storici, Advisor
David Snare – Chem – Julia Kubanek, Advisor
Quaovi Sodji – Chem – Yomi Oyelere, Advisor
Russell Vegh – Chem – Andy Bommarius & Laren Tolbert, Advisors
Michael Weiler – BME/BioE – Dixon, J. Brandon, Advisor

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