Goodman Publishes Article on Ironclads in Military Technology Journal

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Sy Goodman, Regents Professor in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, has published an article on the deployment of ironclad battleships in the Civil War in Vulcan: The International Joural of the History of Military Technology.

Goodman's article examines the potential implications of ironclad development for the Union and Confederate sides, both of which took place while the war was in progress. Both sides failed in varying ways in their deployments, although the Union managed to get more out of its effort.

"Confederate success could have had enormous impacts on the course and outcomes of the war, but by August 1862 the Union had won all three races," the abstract reads in part. "Each was won in a different way, each portended how the conduct of the war on water continued, and each provided lessons for both navies to learn. Both sides went forward with revised strategies and renewed vigor to try to build and deploy more than one hundred ironclad warships between them."

The full article can be found here


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