ISyE Alumnus Karan Agrawal Shares His Supply Chain Insights on "Supply Chain Now" Podcast

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Supply chain has fascinated ISyE alumnus Karan Agrawal since early in his college career. He was recently featured in an episode of the "Supply Chain Now" podcast.

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In his appearance on the SCN episode, Karan discusses why millennials make for excellent hires in this industry.

  • Karan Agrawal Karan Agrawal

Supply chain has fascinated Karan Agrawal since early in his college career. As an avid coffee drinker, he began thinking about how the coffee beans in Costa Rica seamlessly translate into a cup of coffee in the USA. His growing curiosity about supply chain led him to found APICS at GT

⁠Now an alum (BSIE 19), Karan works for  Dell in Austin, TX on an operations strategy team, focusing on strategic initiatives to digitize Dell's global supply chain. Karan was recently featured on the "Supply Chain Now" podcast, speaking on "Why Millennials are Perfect for Supply Chain & How to Successfully Start Your Career." ⁠

⁠"Every millennial today wants to be in a cross-functional role," he notes. "And supply chain, by definition, is a global interconnected network which has numerous complex problems to solve.This challenge excites me everyday.”

⁠You can listen to the podcast episode here.

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School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE), The Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (SCL)

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