Board of Regents Approve Georgia Tech Proposals During October Meeting

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At its October meeting, the University System Board of Regents voted on a number of items that impact Georgia Tech and its operations. Each of these proposals are initially reviewed and approved in committee prior to deliberation by the entire Board. Among those decisions include:

• APPROVED: Establishment of a Master of Science in Urban Design in the College of Architecture. In tandem, the Regents approved a professional program student tuition rate of $6,313 per semester for in-state students and $15,097 per semester for out-of-state students this degree program.

• APPROVED: Authorization to change the Bachelor of Science in Management to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

• APPROVED: Authorization to proceed with replacing the steam and condensate line along Bobby Dodd Way. Existing steam and condensate lines along Bobby Dodd Way, installed in 1928 and 1938, connect to the Holland Building. These lines will be replaced and realigned to accommodate other public utilities along Bobby Dodd Way.

• APPROVED: Authorization to proceed with a football indoor practice facility, funded by the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.

• APPROVED: Authorization to proceed with an Alexander Memorial Coliseum replacement facility, funded by the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.

• APPROVED: Naming of the Alexander Memorial Replacement Facility the “McCamish Pavilion” in recognition of Henry F. McCamish, Jr., and the McCamish family.

• APPROVED: Naming the southwest corner of the Henry F. McCamish, Jr. Basketball Complex at Fowler and Eighth Streets the “Alexander Memorial Courtyard” in recognition of William A. Alexander.

• ADOPTED: A new admissions policy for undocumented students. Specifically, Policy 4.1.6 of the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents states: “A person who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible for admission to any University System institution which, for the two most recent academic years, did not admit all academically qualified applicants (except for cases in which applicants were rejected for non-academic reasons).”

• POSTPONED:  The Regents met as a “Committee of the Whole” to review the University of Georgia’s application to expand its engineering degree programs. After discussion, the Regents elected to postpone a vote on the proposal until November, when a similar application from Georgia Southern University is on the agenda. The Board will consider both proposals at that time.



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