Getting to Know Georgia Tech: Lauren Moye

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With over 15,000 undergraduate students, six colleges, and more than 30 majors, the Georgia Tech community is a large and unique group.

Meet Lauren Moye – B.S. Literature, Media, and Communication, Class of 2020

Hometown – Rome, Georgia

What do you enjoy about Tech and the literature, media, and communication major?

One of the things I love most about my school and major is the material and the way it’s applied. Literature, art, and communication are what I have always loved, but at Tech they’re taught in ways that are constantly new, interesting, and applicable. While I may have learned more about Hemingway at a solely liberal arts college, I would not know so many ways to apply that information to technology or our social climate today. I wouldn’t have thought to make a Twitter with conversations between Jane Austen characters. My school and major have taught me to think confidently and out-of-the-box, and these are skills that will serve me well not only working alone and with others throughout the rest of college, but throughout my professional career and life in general as well.

Can you share any interesting work experiences you’ve had while at Tech?

Last summer I was a publicity and marketing intern at Peachtree Publishers, an independent publishing company about 15 minutes west of campus. At Peachtree, I wrote industry trend reports, wrote blog posts, did research on bloggers, went through the process of pitching and planning a manuscript, and got to read many amazing books. I also helped package mailings to send to reviewers, such as The New York Times and Publishers Weekly. Finding these reviews for our books online and in print was always so exciting. I had an amazing experience and I am so glad I had the chance to learn more about what I love and could potentially do in the future.

What campus organizations have you been a part of?

I am currently a co-chair of the Georgia Tech Women’s Leadership Conference Planning Committee, a member of the Georgia Tech Marketing Association, a member and non-executive board member of Alpha Chi Omega, and a student assistant at the Women’s Resource Center.

What have you enjoyed most about living in Atlanta?

I love that you can go 10 minutes in any direction and find something completely new, whether it’s murals, a park, people, thrift stores, or a cute coffee shop.


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