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Alex Syriopoulos Overcomes Life-Changing Injury and Earns Two Georgia Tech Degrees News cwhittle9 2022-01-24
Kallin Presents at Interdisciplinary Elfriede Jelinek Symposium News cwhittle9 2021-11-23
Linthicum Co-authors Article on Energy in Native American Literature with Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Student Team News cwhittle9 2021-11-17
Lost & Forgotten: Explaining the inattention to once highly-cited books and articles Event gwyner3 2021-11-15
When Physics Meets Literature: Fractality in Western Novels Event cwhittle9 2021-10-26
Global Media & Cultures Graduate Student Designing Programs for Global Innovation News esnelling3 2020-10-12
Brittain Fellow Jonathan Shelley Awarded National Grant News choffman34 2020-03-03
Ten years of Black Twitter: a merciless watchdog for problematic behavior External News ifrazer3 2020-01-08
Nano@Tech: A Brief History of Nanotechnology in Science Fiction Event Christa Ernst 2019-12-12
Class Notes: Literature and Medicine News mmargarella3 2019-09-16
Getting to Know Georgia Tech: Lauren Moye News Julia Faherty 2018-11-06
Aaron Santesso’s Literature Course in which Students Make Things Receives Innovative Course Design Award News ralu3 2017-12-08
Spring and All: The Mirror Phase and a Modernist Imagination News Rebecca Keane 2016-05-19
Science Fiction: Equipping Students to Face Infinite Possibilities External News Rachel Miles 2015-06-03
Georgia Tech Authors and Faculty Featured in 2014 Decatur Book Festival News Michael Hagearty 2014-08-27