Chasing Cancer with Gold: Episode 10, Starring Mostafa El-Sayed

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Episode 9 of ScienceMatters' Season 1 stars Mostafa El-Sayed. Listen to the podcast, read the transcript, or download the episode from here.  Mostafa El-Sayed is the Regents Professor and Julius Brown Chair in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  El-Sayed's current research interests encompass nanoscience and the potential applications of nanoparticles in various applications including medicine and catalysis. His research group is housed in the Laser Dynamics Laboratory (LDL). LDL houses the most recent lasers and laser spectroscopic equipment for time-resolved studies in the femto-to-millisecond time scale.  In Episode 10, El-Sayed describes how seeing his wife suffer from cancer got him involved in exploring nanoparticles as a potential cancer treatment.  Take a listen at Enter to win a prize by answering the question for Episode 10:  What is the name of Mostafa El-Sayed’s son who is also his collaborator in cancer research? Submit your entry by 11 AM on Monday, Oct. 29, at


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