Welcome Home Month Geared to All Students

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If nothing else, the start of a new academic year is chaotic. One-quarter of the student population is still trying to navigate an unfamiliar campus, and it seems everyone organization on campus has an information session, an orientation or a social function that demands attention.

To bring some structure and focus to the proceedings, the Office of Success Programs within Student Affairs created Welcome Home Month, working with academic and administrative departments to help make the transition a positive experience.

The Office spent six weeks contacting academic and administrative departments, seeking information about events, compiling them in a calendar, and distributing them to the student body.

“We want everyone to know Welcome Home Month is geared toward all students, not just freshmen,” said Eric Tack, assistant director of Success Programs. “These social and co-curricular activities are intended to help connect students to the different aspects of campus life, to the support services available to them, and to the Tech spirit that permeates the institution.”

The month is divided into thematic segments, Tack said. For example, events during the first 10 days are largely tied to R.A.T.S. Week, geared for new students to Georgia Tech as an introduction to the programs, activities, opportunities and events available on campus. Subsequent weeks focus on student involvement, career planning and preparation, and “GT 2.0” — a week of programming centered on the sophomore experience.


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