Eclipse Show Time at Georgia Tech

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The last blockbuster of the 2017 summer season promises to be more spectacular than any movie about superheroes or shape-shifting robots. This particular show has been going on since human history has been recorded, and it’s back once again to thrill and educate everyone, including the Georgia Tech community.

Eclipse day is today, the first day of the Fall 2017 semester. Georgia Tech is ready for a safe and fun experience. Thanks to the College of Sciences and the Office of Undergraduate Education, solar-eclipse glasses will be available. These glasses are essential for safely viewing the heavenly display directly.

Distribution is at 12-1 PM at the following locations:

  • In front of Barnes and Noble in Tech Square
  • Under the Binary Bridge near Noonan Courtyard
  • At the atrium side of Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
  • On Tech Walkway in front of the Starbucks side of Clough Commons and Skiles Building
  • In front of the Student Center
  • By the Einstein sculpture

At 1 PM, activities commence at Kessler Campanile. Watch a live stream from the Georgia Tech Observatory, listen to a soundtrack based on data from past eclipses as well as today’s, take an auditory journey of the solar system, explore eclipse-enabled research, monitor changes in ambient temperature and visibility, and more.

“As a community focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), our perspective is biased toward the science, including safety,” says College of Sciences Dean and Sutherland Chair Paul M. Goldbart about the activities at Kessler Campanile. “But we also know how to just enjoy this rare astronomical event, which is why we also have Moon Pies," he adds.

“Although I didn’t plan this eclipse, I’m pleased by the twist it adds to the first day of semester,” Goldbart says.  

“For many new students, the first week of college can feel like an eclipse of sorts, because so many things are unfamiliar,” Goldbart says in a welcome video. “I assure you that the light will re-emerge, as you get to know the Yellow Jacket family here at our friendly, green oasis in the heart of the vibrant City of Atlanta.”

“Because science is everywhere at Tech, it’s easy to be blasé about the sense of wonder that animates the scientific method,” says Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Colin Potts. “The theories and equations and societal implications are all important, and they’ll still be important on Tuesday, but on Monday everyone should just look up and say, ‘Wow!’”


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