Special Events and Guest Speakers

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Bark Rhythms and Summer Programming News Virginia Howell
College of Sciences Faculty and Staff Honored at Spring Sciences Celebration News lvidal7
SCL's Chris Gaffney Speaks at Recent The Home Depot / ATDC Portfolio Showcase News Andy Haleblian
2024 Frontiers in Science: Climate Action News lvidal7
John Wise Joins Neil deGrasse Tyson at 2024 Asimov Debate News sperrin6
Engineering Herstory: Celebrating Women in ISyE News nesparza7
Tech Talks Business Featuring Laurel Hurd, President and Chief Executive Officer, Interface Inc. News Lorrie Burroughs
Creating a Research Community: Georgia Tech Hosts Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics News adavidson38
Rajiv Shah Advocates 'Big Bets' Approach to Problem-Solving News sgagliano3
For top jigsaw puzzlers, 500 pieces in an hour is no problem External News Renay San Miguel
Celebrating Black History Month on Campus and in Atlanta News sgagliano3
Atlanta Science Festival Returns To Atlanta, Here’s What To Expect External News Renay San Miguel
Wenjing Liao to Address American Mathematical Society Meeting News Renay San Miguel
Mark Your Calendars: How to Get Involved in the 2024 Atlanta Science Festival News adavidson38
Georgia Tech Hosts Workshop to Propel Scientific Artificial Intelligence Research News Bryant Wine