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Students looking for a place to live at Tech have a variety of options. Choosing a residence hall is an important decision, but with some research, students can find a building that works for them.

The deadline for guaranteed fall 2017 housing is fast approaching. Remember to apply by March 5, and read on for some things to consider in choosing your on-campus home for the next year.

Self-Assignment and Choosing Roommates

In the housing application, students have the choice to select specific known roommates, compare profiles with other students and pick a matched roommate, or leave the roommate choice open to random.

If you choose a roommate or roommates, make sure to contact them by March 5 to ensure that they accept your roommate request. After March 5, time tickets for self-assign will be released and you will be able to pick a room for yourself and accepted roommates.

Online self-assignment begins March 6. Self-assignment allows returning students to choose a room within a building with specific roommates, renew the same room, or renew the same building with a different room. Only choose the last two options if you do not have a new accepted roommate request.

If you fail to self-assign for fall 2017 by March 30, the Department of Housing will make your room assignment.

Living-Learning Communities

If you have been accepted into a living-learning community such as I-House; Women, Science, and Technology; Second-Year Grand Challenge; Second-Year Honors; or the Second-Year SMaRT program, you will not participate in self-assignment. (Application deadlines for I-House and the Women, Science, and Technology communities have passed for the 2017–18 academic year.)


When choosing a residence hall, location is important. At Tech, the main difference comes down to East versus West Campus.

Students living on East Campus tend to be closer to Bobby Dodd Stadium, Greek housing, Tech Square, the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, the Library, and the Scheller College of Business. Students living on West Campus are closer to the Instructional Center, the Campus Recreation Center, and Couch Park (Burger Bowl Field). 

The Student Center and most academic buildings are about the same distance from East or West Campus.

Room Type

For transfer, undergraduate, and graduate students at Tech, the options for room types include apartment, suite, and traditional dorm.

Apartment-style rooms include two-, four-, or six-person layouts depending on residence hall. If you want your own bedroom, this is the choice for you. Residents will share a bathroom with one other student, regardless of layout, but all students have their own bedroom. A living room and kitchen are included in apartment-style rooms. Occasionally, washers and dryers are provided in apartment-style rooms, but typically a laundry facility is located as a separate room within the building, where students can use their BuzzCard for payment. 

Tenth and Home Buildings A and B are the only housing options that offer unfurnished one-bedroom apartments with washer and dryers, full kitchens, and one bathroom. Tenth and Home Buildings B, C, and D offer family one- and two-bedroom unfurnished apartments. These options are reserved for graduate students and students with families. To apply for Tenth and Home unfurnished apartments, choose the Family/Monthly Housing Application.

Most suite-style rooms include two, two-person rooms and a shared full bathroom. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe, and dresser. Alternatively, there are 14 single suites in Woodruff South. Single suites contain two one-person, furnished rooms with a shared bathroom. Each room has the standard complement of furniture with a bed, chair, micro fridge, two wardrobes, and a multi-purpose cube. Lounges and kitchens are shared by all residents on a floor. Laundry facilities are located outside of the suites, but within the building. If you’re comfortable with closer living quarters, this may be a good option.

Traditional dorm-style rooms feature one room with two occupants and community restrooms. Undergraduate females are eligible to live in Fulmer, the only traditional non-Freshman Experience residence hall.


Most residence halls include some type of amenities such as workout facilities, study or activity lounges, and recreational areas. These amenities are shared by all residents of the building and provide a way for students to get to know each other. Lounges often include a television and couch, which can create a great environment for movie nights. Exercise facilities are smaller than the Campus Recreation Center, but are convenient for a quick workout.

Food and Grocery

Students planning to register for a meal plan should consider dining locations when choosing a residence hall.  

If you’re living on West Campus, you will be near the new West Campus Dining Commons opening in fall 2017. Wing Zone and the Westside Market are other food options on West.

On East Campus, the nearest dining locations are Brittain and North Avenue. East Campus is also close to Tech Square, which offers Waffle House, Tin Drum, Starbucks at Barnes & Noble, and other dining options.

The nearest grocery stores to Tech’s campus are the Publix in Midtown or Publix at Atlantic Station. The Weekend Grocery Shuttle takes students to Atlantic Station and has pickup locations on both East and West campus. The Tech Trolley also stops at the Publix in Midtown after 5 p.m. on weekdays. 


After you’ve picked your campus living location, look into selecting a parking permit that works for you. If you plan to park your car on campus, consider which lot will be most convenient.

The Annual Individual Permit is valid for use from Aug. 15, 2017, through Aug. 14, 2018. This allows students to park in one assigned area at any time. After-hours (from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and on weekends, students are allowed to park in nonresidential parking areas.

When deciding on an assigned parking area, students can choose from options on East or West Campus. View parking zone options here. A full parking zone map can be viewed below.


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