How to “Plan For Every Part” (PFEP) for Lean Material Flow webinar, Thurs, Mar 2 1:30PM EST!

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Attend our free How to “Plan For Every Part” (PFEP) for Lean Material Flow webinar for a live Q&A session with our instructor and to discuss the critical components of PFEP that will ensure delivery of the right part, at the right time, in the right quantity.


Building a Plan for Every Part (PFEP) is one of the most effective ways to create standardization in an ordering and delivery process and optimize material flow. Breakthrough results in on-time-delivery, coverage, and cost reduction can be achieved through this discipline, but how do you do it?

In this 1-hour live webinar, join Instructor Brad Bossence as we discuss the critical components of PFEP and explore:

  • How to collect the PFEP data necessary to make informed decisions about transportation, packaging, inventory, placement, ordering quantities, and handling.
  • How to successfully implement PFEP in your operations
  • How PFEP can stimulate an environment of doing the right thing first and lay the foundation for continuous improvement


Leaders in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, quality, transportation, materials, warehousing, administration, and other functional areas responsible for moving material and/or information.


Brad Bossence is instructor of the Georgia Tech "Introduction to Plan for Every Part (PFEP) and Inventory Sizing" course and Vice President of LeanCor Supply Chain Group. He also teaches other Georgia Tech short courses including Lean Warehousing.


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