Introducing the Centers for Inclusive Design Innovation (CIDI)

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AMAC and CATEA combine research focuses to become CIDI.

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Introducing the Centers for Inclusive Design Innovation (CIDI), a collaboration between two College of Design research centers.

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AMAC and CATEA, the College of Design’s largest research centers, have joined to create the Centers for Inclusive Design Innovation (CIDI).

CIDI combines AMAC and CATEA’s accessibility efforts and research interests to create an integrative level of collaboration. The two centers are focused on creating accessible environments so a collaboration between the two was always inevitable.

AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center is the largest research center in Georgia Tech’s College of Design. AMAC focuses on studying and providing accessible solutions around the world through service and research. These research-driven services take a universal design approach to creating accessible environments.

The Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) is the College of Design’s oldest and second largest research center. CATEA’s work on creating assistive technology has impacted the design of classrooms, workplaces, and many more common environments to help many persons with disabilities as well as those without.

CATEA Director Jon Sanford says, "CIDI is the logical outgrowth of CATEA and AMAC being co-located. While both Centers have an interest in using technology to assist people with disabilities, we have different strengths and approaches. CATEA has expertise in research, particularly related to technology and the environment. AMAC has expertise in training and service provision, particularly related to information technology and assistive technology. These complementary programs can strengthen each other with co-location under one roof."

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