What Price Green Logistics?

Barbara Christopher
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Air Cargo World.com - October 2008
A new 3PL Logistics study says 'green' supply chains are essential for future business success yet the majority of logistics executives are unwilling to spend the money to make it happen. The survey shows that while the 'greening' of the supply chain will have an increasing impact on network design, transport modes used, selection of equipment, business processes, behaviors and balance sheets, only 46% of respondents say that going 'green' is a selection factor... Dr. John Langley from Georgia Tech commented: "The greatest shared challenge is that of forming and growing successful collaborative relationships between users and providers of logistics services. Without a commitment from both sides little progress can be made in the greening of the supply chain and supply chain security. More than three quarters of 3PL users rate consolidation, routing, and mode selection as the top services 3PLs can contribute to green strategies. However, just 31% indicate that their 3PLs currently offer these capabilities."

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