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Winsten Salem Journal - April 19, 2009The word "sustainability" brings to mind images of wind and solar farms scattered across open, rural space. However, there are numerous projects around the United States aimed at sustainable communities. They include ideas for local power generation as well as more efficient management of electricity, water, land and other resources. Projects range from planting a community garden to designing and building a green city from the ground up. Cities, such as New York, have plans to increase their sustainability. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced plans to build wind turbines on many of the city's buildings and bridges as well as in the surrounding waterways. He has a plan to rent roof space on public and private buildings to solar-power companies, which could sell the power to city residents... ■ Guest Column by Juliane Rose is senior studying biology at Wake Forest University. Alexander Johnston is a fourth-year student studying industrial engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.Read more>>>>


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