College Ranking Service Annual Annoucement 2009

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Rank Your - September 2, 2009
For the ninth straight year, the College Ranking Service (CRS,, has found that prestige in colleges and universities correlates with the size of endowment. The richest schools are the most prestigious... CRS has found no difference between the prestige of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, and Stanford. . . . they are so wealthy that the CRS wonders why anyone continues to donate money to them. They don't need your money folks. The Fairness Method (6:39 a.m.): 1. Georgia Tech 2. Brandeis 3. Georgetown 4. Northwestern 5. Brown 6. Johns Hopkins 7. North Carolina 8. UCLA 9. Notre Dame
10. Berkeley*Our rankings can change very quickly. Press the reload button on your browser for our latest evaluation.


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