Former Senators Sam Nunn and Fred Thompson on Meet the Press

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Former Senators Sam Nunn and Fred Thompson on Meet the Press along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Nina Easton and Chuck Todd discussed recent events in Iran and what role the US should next play.

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MR. DAVID GREGORY: This Sunday, a violent crackdown in Iran. Officers fire tear gas and wield batons as demonstrators stay in the streets, defying warnings from the supreme leader, who ordered the end of protests against the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. After first being accused of a timid response, President Obama now warns Iran to stop its "unjust actions," claiming the whole world is watching. This morning, the debate over what's next and what role the U.S. should now play. Our guests: a vital voice from the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; then, two respected former senators, Sam Nunn of Georgia and Fred Thompson of Tennessee, on the security threats facing the U.S. as well as the escalating debate over spending and the deficit as the president pushes sweeping healthcare reform. Finally, the politics and the polls. Is the Obama agenda in trouble? Our political roundtable with NBC's Chuck Todd and Fortune's Nina Easton.


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