Solving Health Care Policy with Engineering

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The Health Analytics team is analyzing 500 billion Medicaid claims that are right at Georgia Tech.

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The ISyE Health Analytics team is analyzing 500 billion Medicaid claims that are right at Georgia Tech.

  • Part of the Health Analytics group at ISyE Part of the Health Analytics group at ISyE

In a nondescript room on Fifth Street, billions of files containing millions of Americans’ personal health information are stored. The few gatekeepers allowed into this highly secured room are the members of Georgia Tech’s Health Analytics team, a group of students and faculty members who use data science methodologies to analyze and interpret all of this information.

So what’s in the files? The ISyE Health Analytics group has, over time, bought 500 billion of Medicaid claims from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency. The claims date back nearly 10 years, from 2005-2012. For two of those years, Tech has all of the claims filed in the entire United States; for the rest of the period, the claims of 14 states located mostly in the Southeast.  

The claims allow the team to study how people use the health care system: how many times they went to the doctor, if and when they filled a prescription, if they went to the specialist they were referred to, or how many times they’ve been to the emergency room or otherwise hospitalized. The data also includes what costs were associated with each doctor, specialist, or hospital visit, and what drives those costs — so they can study how to increase cost efficiency on a systemic level. The CMS data project is a collaborative effort with Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology, the GT Pediatric Technology Center, and the Georgia Department of Public Health. IPaT supports the purchase, curation, security and access to this sensitive data on behalf of the GT research community.

To read more about the Health Analytics group's work with this data set, click here:

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