EMIL Spotlight: Omar Gonzalez

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EMIL alumnus Omar Gonzalez, MS IL 2005, is a catalyst in the development of international logistics throughout Latin America. He has been an innovator through his work with the Latin American Association of Logistics (ALL), the Colombian logistics integrator Almacenar, as well as the Colombian Association of Logistics (ACOLOG). He has dedicated his career to addressing the political, social, and economic issues of international logistics within the Latin American region.

In 2006, Gonzales was elected president of ALL, a non profit organization that integrates and combines resources of logistics entities within Latin American. It represents 14 independent associations from 11 countries including Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, El Salvador, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, and Columbia. In this role, Gonzalez promotes an exchange of knowledge between the member associations and serves as mediator between private and public logistics interests in the region. He is responsible for developing a regional logistics training program, conducting study and analysis groups, and implementing strategies, initiatives, and measurement indicators to benefit the participating countries.

ALL was officially formed in August 2002 to promote and facilitate the development of logistics in Latin America. Gonzalez's expertise in international logistics makes him a prime candidate to lead this organization into the future. He comments, "It is our dream that in the near future merchandise will ride freely through our territories day and night, 365 days a year, transporting wealth and development to all corners of our lands."

ALL is an open non-profit entity with objectives to support the international community of the participating countries. Since its inception, ALL has provided a means to integrate resources of the various logistics associations in the region. It is estimated that logistics activities will constitute one of the largest sources of wealth, employment and development within the Latin American region.

Gonzalez has been with Almacenar, the primary logistics operator and integrator for Colombia, for more than 20 years and has served as president since 1992. Almacenar provides a wide range of logistics services that include: international transportation capacity by air, sea, and land for delivery of any type of merchandise anywhere on the globe; the service of customs intermediation in ports and airports, the coordination of national and international loads, and legal and technical consultation; the provision of warehousing and storage services; and specialty services including business process management and cold chains for agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors.

Gonzalez also serves as president of the Colombian Association of Logistics (ACOLOG). ACOLOG is a community of professionals committed to the present and future development of the logistics profession in Colombia by bringing together industry, academia, and government.

Because of the important role that EMIL plays in helping organizations face global supply chain challenges, Gonzalez is a strong advocate of the program and has served on EMIL's Advisory Board since 2006. "Intuitive knowledge is great but it could only take us so far," said Gonzalez. "EMIL provided me with the knowledge, benchmarking capabilities and specific technical tools for analysis that have made it possible for me to improve our company's market position significantly."

Gonzalez has worked diligently to collaborate with leaders of ALL and EMIL to advance topics of mutual interest in logistics and supply chain management. Recently, these organizations entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize their on-going collaboration to consolidate and intensify mutual support of their shared goals.

As part of their agreement, EMIL leadership granted a partial scholarship to ALL. The scholarship was established in an effort to promote continued growth within the Latin American region, especially among ALL member countries that to-date have not participated in the EMIL program.

The 3-year agreement between EMIL and ALL was presented to the ALL Board of Directors in Havana Cuba on October 9, 2007. Frank Lopez, MS IL 2006, America's Transportation & Logistics Outsourcing Manager, Intel Corporation, introduced the MOU to Gonzales and his team at the Association's annual conference. In the words of both Lopez and Gonzalez, the agreement was graciously received with high interest from participating board members.

Through this agreement, ALL and EMIL have established themselves as strong allies in their commitment to achieve shared goals at both the regional and global level. "We have in Omar's leadership of ALL and ACOLOG a very strong connection to Latin America," said EMIL Managing Director Greg Andrews. "We are very proud to have Omar as an EMIL Alum. His efforts and leadership play an important role in the recruiting success we currently enjoy in the region."


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