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Todd McDevitt, PhD - Assistant Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

Abstract: Stem cells are poised to stimulate significant advances in regenerative medicine therapies and in vitro cell-based diagnostics based upon their inherent ability to differentiate into an array of cell phenotypes. Beyond cell replacement technologies, stem cells may also serve as a unique source of potent morphogenic factors capable of improving the wound healing of injured tissues and treatment of chronic diseases. Thus, our laboratory is focused on the engineering of innovative approaches to translate the potential of stem cells into effective cellular and molecular technologies for regenerative medicine. In order to improve the efficiency and homogeneity of directed differentiation strategies, we are developing biomaterials-based approaches to spatiotemporally control the presentation of molecular cues within the stem cell microenvironment that influence morphogenesis. The ability of hydrodynamic forces to manipulate environmental conditions and modulate stem cell fate is also being examined as a novel, scalable means to direct differentiated cell phenotypes. In addition to directing stem cell differentiation, we also seek to develop novel regenerative molecular therapies from morphogens uniquely produced by stem cells. For this reason, we are assessing the production of morphogenic factors by pluripotent embryonic stem cells undergoing differentiation and producing stem cell-derived matrices for acellular tissue therapies. It is expected that engineering of stem cell differentiation and derivation of stem cell biotherapeutics will yield fresh insights into stem cell and developmental biology, as well as new regenerative medicine therapies and in vitro diagnostic technologies.

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