ISyE New Hires and Appointments

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New Hires and Appointments

Georgia Tech’s Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) has hired new faculty in the last two semester. ISyE has also made several new faculty appointments, thanks to generous endowments from our alumni, as well as the College of Engineering.

New Hires

George Lan joined ISyE in January 2016 as an Associate Professor. His research interests are in theory, algorithms, and applications of stochastic optimization and nonlinear programming. Most of his current work concerns the design of efficient algorithms with strong theoretical performance guarantees and superior practical performance for solving challenging optimization problem

Moe Trebuchon joined ISyE in August 2015 asEdenfield Executive-in-Residence. He is considered a subject matter leader in the application of Demand Forecasting, Replenishment, WMS, TMS, Order Management and Omni-Channel technology to the order fulfillment and delivery process having led a broad base of clients through complex technology enabled change programs.


Turgay Ayer was appointed the George Family Foundation Assistant Professor of Predictive Health in April 2016. He is also the research director for medical decision-making in the Center for Health & Humanitarian Systems at Georgia Tech. Dr. Ayer conducts research on stochastic modeling and optimization, with applications in predictive health, medical decision making, health care operations, and health policy.

David Goldberg was appointed A. Russell Chandler III Assistant Professor in February 2016. Dr. Goldberg works in applied probability, interpreted broadly, on topics ranging from inventory control and queueing theory to distributionally robust and combinatorial optimization. Much of his work focuses on using ideas from probability theory to prove that high-dimensional complex systems can be well-approximated by much simpler systems, and using these insights to devise novel algorithms with provable performance guarantees.

Sebastian Pokutta was appointed David M. McKenney Family Assistant Professor in April 2016. Dr. Pokutta's research concentrates on combinatorial optimization and polyhedral combinatorics, and in particular focuses on cutting-plane methods and extended formulations. His industry research interests are in optimization and machine learning in the context of analytics with a focus on real-world applications, both in established industries as well as in emerging technologies. Application areas include but are not limited to supply chain management, finance, cyber-physical systems, and predictive analytics.

Enlu Zhou was appointed Fouts Family Assistant Professor in May 2016. Her research interests include simulation optimization, stochastic control, and Monte Carlo methods, with applications in financial engineering and revenue management.

Nagi Gebraeel was named to a five-year appointment as Georgia Power Associate Professor in the College of Engineering in January 2016. Dr. Gebraeel currently serves as an associate director at Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute with the responsibility of identifying and promoting research activities and thought leadership at the intersection of data science and energy. From the standpoint of application domains, he has a general interest in the energy industry with a focus on power generation, and the manufacturing industry with a focus on discrete and continuous manufacturing.


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