Congratulations to our Carnivale Drawing Winners

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We had 23 winners to our drawings from those who swiped their BuzzCards at our Fourth Annual Campus Services Loves Students Carnivale. Congratulate them for having their names drawn for these great prizes. Thanks to for assisting with the drawings. 

Thanks to Ride and Parking & Transportation Services for the Visa Gift Cards. Check out
$25 Visa Gift Card Jin Sol Kim
$25 Visa Gift Card Casey A. Lowery
$25 Visa Gift Card Coralle Y. Escoda
$25 Visa Gift Card Aparajita Satapathy
$25Visa Gift Card Russell Sprouse

Georgia Tech Dining Services
$25 Dining Gift Card Kashyap M. Patel
$25 Dining Gift Card Rebecca Huynh
$25 Dining Gift Card Ajinkya Lokhande
$25 Dining Gift Card Annu George
$25 Dining Gift Card Zackery B. Morris

Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech
$50 Bookstore Credit Sasimon Viriyayuthakorn
$50 Bookstore Credit Alan X. Zhang
$50 Bookstore Credit Heather A. Issen
$50 Bookstore Credit Chenxing Li
$50 Bookstore Credit Jacklyn Josefina Brito Ordenzo

Parking & Transportation Services 
$100 Off Annual Parking Permit - Daniel Silverstein
$100 Off Annual Parking Permit - Phuc Huynh

Georgia Tech Housing
$1,000 off Housing Spring Rent - Karan Lakhani
$1,000 off Housing Spring Rent - Menghua Ding
$1,000 off Housing Spring Rent - David Han

GoPro Camera - Nakul Juneja 

FitBit - Kyoung Chan Kwak
iPad - Braven C. Leung 


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