Dr. Jarrod Hayes Discusses New Book

Security, or the condition of threat or the belief about threat is the product of politics, of political interaction, of political claims.


Dr. Jarrod Hayes


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The idea that something out there does represent a threat and this is what we have to do about that threat in order to maintain our safety or deal with it to maintain our future, or continue to act in ways that we deem appropriate.

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Dr. Jarrod Hayes has a new book, Constructing National Security: Relations with India and China, which is now out in paperback. 

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Hayes looks at US relations with India and China and try to parse out how this dynamic of democratic identity playing out in the discourse in the United States. How are politicians constructing India, or not constructing India? How are they constructing China, or not constructing China? How are they trying to activate particular identities, particular systems of social meaning that then allow them to execute their preferred policies. 

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