School of Computer Science Seminar - Morley Mao, University of Michigan

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Unleashing the power of mobility: Lessons for designing next-generation mobile network systems.



With the growing popularity of mobile devices and mobile apps, coupled with improved cellular data speeds promised by the 5G technology, mobile computing appears to soon replace wired, desktop based computing.  In this talk, we examine from the perspectives of network operators, service providers, and application designers the key challenges associated with providing seamless mobile services. Besides good performance and energy efficiency, we highlight interesting design tradeoffs to ensure scalability and security properties for both the cellular network infrastructure as well as the mobile device platform. We draw from our experience of designing and deploying Mobilyzer --- an open mobile Internet performance characterization platform used by more than hundreds of thousands of users to design support for mobile cloud computing and energy-efficient mobile computing.



Z. Morley Mao is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, having completed her Ph.D. study at UC Berkeley on robust Internet routing protocol design and effective network measurement techniques to uncover network properties.  She received the Sloan Fellowship, the NSF CAREER Award, the ARMY YIP Award, and an IBM Faculty Award. She was also the Morris Wellman Faculty Development Professor and EECS Achievement Award recipient at University of Michigan.  Her current research focus encompasses software-defined networking, network security, next-generation Internet protocols, and mobile systems.


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